About Us

Benchmark Billing Solutions

Benchmark Billing Solutions was conceptualized with the goal to bring Stable, Dependable and Optimal Results in an environment that is continuously in a state of flux.

Our vision is to be a trusted partner to medical billing companies, delivering results in the services they outsource to us.

Our services including Medical Billing, Medical Coding and other Ancillary Services based on each client’s specific needs.

How does Benchmark achieve its value?

  • Employee recruitment, training, coaching and support provides us with an empowered and motivated workforce driving operational efficiency.
  • We provide a knowledge base to keep our employees informed of the new billing and coding rules with actionable interpretation preventing reactive billing procedures.
  • Our philosophy of goals, purpose and values develop autonomous workers who understand value-based decision making.
  • We ensure that our processes deliver more through process study and analysis to ensure sustainable performance where the variables are high.

Our Team

Satish Ponnaiya, CEO, has over twenty years of experience in Healthcare BPO, most of it in physician RCM. His experience spans start-up, mid-size and multi-billion-dollar organizations. His role is to bring assured value to Benchmark’s clients.

Vijay Sundar Raj, Head of Service Design, has rich career experience in Global Delivery of Medical Billing and RCM Services. He has managed large teams in India, set up and managed operations in the Philippines, and has specialized experience with Medical Groups, Large Hospitals and Medical Billing Companies in the US. His role is to study, analyze, customize and implement solutions for Benchmark’s clients.

Makesh Kumar Shanmugam, Director, has been an investor-entrepreneur for the last twenty years. While his core area of business is in commercial and residential real estate, Makesh has invested primarily in the pharma and FMCG distributorship industries. His background brings a wealth of business experience and mentorship to the Benchmark Billing Solutions team.

Our Goals

  • Trust
  • Relationship
  • Results

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