Ancillary Services For Medical Billing Solutions

Medical Billing Solutions and Revenue Cycle operations are complicated.

There are many factors that can affect the profitability of a medical billing company. Medical billing revenues change through payer and government decisions and costs increase through operational and regulatory pressures.

Benchmark Billing Solutions will work closely with you to develop a target-oriented outsourcing model to perform the right job at the right location.

Inadequate staff

Medical billing companies rely on qualified people to do their medical billing Solutions work. Often, they are unable to find qualified staff in the local market, leaving cash on the table.

Benchmark has qualified staff with experience across 30 medical systems, over 60 specialties and all states in the US. We will augment your team with temporary or permanent staff so that your unmet needs are absorbed by us while your billing operations function at full capacity.

Unworked functions

Most often, the available staff focus on core claims activities leaving them little time to focus on certain non-core functions such as bad debts, credit balances and underpayments leading to compliance risk and lost revenue. It is possible that these areas have been neglected for months.

Our team will make sure that all your medical billing functions get the right attention.

Pilots and projects

Change is necessary. Change is also expensive. It involves an investment of time and money. However, plans on paper do not always work out. Organizations must test their hypotheses.

How do you know what is best for you before you take on a new initiative? Conduct a low cost, low-risk pilot.

At Benchmark, we will start the process, pilot it for a fixed or contingent price and help our clients adopt successful initiatives.

In our model, clients will have fast-track planning sessions, minimal changes to their in-house resources and let proven effort lead us to the results that test the hypothesis.

The goal is to give our clients an experiential understanding of what they can expect from their targeted initiatives.

Common issues in Medical Billing:

  • Losses due to AR underperformance or unsustainable costs.
  • Inability to attract and retain quality staff.
    • - Backlogs in coding and billing.
    • - Understaffing when onboarding new practices.
  • High past-dues, dues over 120+ days; other aging buckets, payer or service.
  • Piloting and testing new initiatives.

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