Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Benchmark the choice offshore partner?

Benchmark founders have worked in the Offshore Healthcare BPO for close to two decades. Our understanding of offshore delivery and medical billing combine to provide a highly client focused and employee driven organization that delivers client results.

Our employees not only work every claim, we solve problems in every process. From improving the source document to solving routine denials, our analysis and feedback improves the overall revenue cycle.

Benchmark believes in hands-on client services. Our client services model includes daily, weekly and monthly reports and monthly, quarterly and annual business reviews including meeting our clients in their offices. We are always listening to our clients and looking at improving our services.

What is the value in working with Benchmark?

  • Increase in revenue - 5% to 15% increase in collections due to better coding, data entry and AR management results.
  • Cost reduction – 15%-25% in billing function savings through offshore service delivery, continuous process improvement and automation.
  • Access to staff – We are the ideal solution for companies that are unable to find billers in their local job market.
  • Responsiveness – We listen closely to our clients to understand their expectations and respond quickly to their needs.

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How do we start working with you once we sign a proposal?

FAQ Proprosal

* Documentation – Practice specifics including doctors, locations, NPI, pay-to address and any other practice specific information available to the client.

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