Medical Billing Companies

Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing companies face unprecedented changes.

Challenges of Medical Billing Companies

Some challenges of Medical Billing Companies include increased expectations from clients for less revenue, staff recruitment, staff training and payer complexity

Medical billing companies’ growth depends on implementing regulatory requirements, technology and client management.

Billing Company management teams need to focus their attention on such strategic initiatives and need a true partner to take care of their daily deliverables.

Choose Benchmark

  • Let your management team focus on strategic activities as we take care of "business as usual".
  • Let Benchmark provide you with experienced and trained staff to deliver quality services.
  • Work on areas usually overlooked by billing companies due to staffing unavailability as discussed under ancillary services.
  • Develop a flexible outsourcing plan based on your strategy to outsource specific positions in a specific mix (Example: AR in 70:30, Coding in 80:20) to manage risk and costs.
  • Take advantage of offshore costs with 15% to 25% savings on your staffing costs.
  • Saving approximately $10 per error and 4X that amount per denial through our Quality Management program.
  • Use Benchmark to pilot new capabilities at a low cost and short timeline for Proof of Concept.
  • Develop a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan (BCP/DR) through our offshore centers.
  • Find a right fit for your operations under our Medical Billing, Coding and Ancillary Services.

Common issues in Medical Billing:

  • Losses due to AR underperformance or unsustainable costs.
  • Inability to attract and retain quality staff.
    • - Backlogs in coding and billing.
    • - Understaffing when onboarding new practices.
  • High past-dues, dues over 120+ days; other aging buckets, payer or service.
  • Piloting and testing new initiatives.

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