Medical Billing Services

Benchmark Medical Billing Solutions has the experience and knowledge that you need to increase the efficiency and profitability of your company so that you can serve your clients better. Our services encompass multiple Medical billing systems, states and specialties. Our coders and data entry staff know what it takes to send out a clean claim. Our AR management staff go beyond getting the status and resolving individual claims. They identify patterns and resolve billing issues.

Our approach in Medical Billing:

Get the basics right – Medical Coding, claims processing, claims submission, receivables management including denial management, and payment posting. We excel in all medical billing processes.

Work the details – We focus on processes that are not always adequately covered by other companies - bad debt, credit balances, clinical documentation, eligibility verification, underpayment analysis and practice analysis.

Achieve full utilization of technologies – Processes such as Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), electronic claim status, eligibility verification etc. are largely online. They cut costs and improve accuracy. We will ensure that these technologies are implemented and maximized.

Benefits of working with Benchmark Billing Solutions

  • More for Less–Collections improved by 5% to 15%, a 25% savings due to technology efficiencies and our offshore model, and steady cash flow.
  • Knowledge Base–Access to better information that is validated, simplified and channeled on a need basis for easy use.
  • Sustainability–We help build a sustainable RCM partnership which focus on reducing costs, increasing technology, continuous improvement and improving results.
  • Transparency-Increase process and results transparency with quality, training and knowledge processes communicated through reports,offsite and onsite reviews.
  • Dependability–You can be sure that we take healthcare compliance seriously, which means reduced risk and improved safety for our clients.
  • Expertise–We provide: billing experience, knowledge management and tools, managed processes with six sigma capability, written policies and procedures and carefully selected and trained employees.

Common issues with physical Medical billing:

  • A downward profitability trend that affects sustainability.
  • High cost of collections and poor cash flow.
  • Too many denials and the high cost of fixing them.
  • Increased staffing challenges.
  • AR crises and backlogged AR.

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