Medical Coding Service

EHR implementations, fraud and abuse, and reduced reimbursement make Medical coding a hot topic in the US healthcare industry. Aggravating the problem is the fact that there is a shortage of well trained and experienced medical coders. Keeping coders trained and updated with current procedures along with coding certification is expensive.

Benchmark Billing Solutions has the experience, experts, knowledge and compliance best practices that you need to reduce risk, improve quality and increase profitability so that you can better serve your clients.

Our approach to Medical Coding:

Training and education – We have certified coders and continuing education as per industry changes, focusing on expertise in areas beyond their annual CEU requirements.

Objectivity in Medical coding – Our coders are not taught to be conservative or aggressive. They are taught to be correct. We follow objective correct coding practices without the temptation to up or down code.

Knowledge Management – We create a dependable knowledge pipeline to Medical coders in this time of changing policies, rules and guidelines ensuring that we are learning from policies and not from errors, which typically result in long drawn out denials causing lost or delayed payments.

Operations support – Our coders audit and correct denials in the back-end to make sure that we continuously build rules based on denials by payers, reasons and codes. We also work closely with payers for reimbursement on new procedures.

Benefits of working with Benchmark Billing Solutions

Medical Coding compliance – We have an excellent coding compliance program actively supported by industry experts in the US which includes right staff recruitment, certification, training and education, written documentation and access, internal coding audits, documentation audits, trend analysis and reporting.

Faster turnaround – on payments–We deliver a high first pass rate to ensure quick and accurate payments, enabling predictable cash flows allowing clients to be on top of their revenue plans.

Optimal auditing – We audit medical reports, coders, codes and payers to ensure compliance and right reimbursement.

Coding at the center – Coding is not a standalone service but a process within a larger process – Revenue Cycle management. We ensure that medical coding is integrated into RCM and is the starting point of revenue integrity and maximization.

Coding staff – Coding staff are difficult to find and retain. Moreover, they are expensive and need continuous investment to keep them as an asset to any organization. Through our ability to recruit, train and retain coders, we ensure savings, high quality, stability, and guaranteed productivity which releases managerial resources and cash to be employed in other areas of our client’s organization.

Common issues faced with physician coding:

  • Bundling of services
  • Under and over payments
  • High coding error rates
  • Revenue loss due to errors
  • Compliance issues related to LCD, NCD, CCI, payers, state and federal rules

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