Our Approach


In this age of flux in the US healthcare industry, every part of any organization needs to live, breathe and grow. Maintaining successful operations must work in tandem with foresight and execution. Benchmark has a flexible and proactive organizational approach that ensures smooth transitions.


Structured systems and protocols are the hallmarks of an outsourcing relationship. Without this structure, your new solutions provider will just make the same mistakes as your old. Benchmark brings you this relationship structure through scheduled meetings and reports, shared goals and collaboration, resulting in transparency and customized benefits.

Operations Excellence

The success of an organization is in its execution. Benchmark ensures a long-term partnership with its clients through continuous improvement, innovation, client collaboration and metrics-driven performance.

Knowledge Base

Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management are extremely knowledge-driven functions. We keep our employees informed on changes and updates and their operational impact, always keeping them on top of industry knowledge.

Common issues in Medical Billing:

  • Losses due to AR underperformance or unsustainable costs.
  • Inability to attract and retain quality staff.
    • - Backlogs in coding and billing.
    • - Understaffing when onboarding new practices.
  • High past-dues, dues over 120+ days; other aging buckets, payer or service.
  • Piloting and testing new initiatives.

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